Case Manager - Intensive (Vero)

Location:Fort Pierce, FL
Employment Type:Full Time
Department:Mental Health
Description:Provides case management services to adult clients as assigned.
Duties:1.0 Engages in staff hours of service for assigned clients at the rate of 115 hours per month.
1.1 Coordinates with supervisor to distribute service hours as required to maximize clinical efficiency and payer reimbursement.

2.0 Develops and maintains a written service plan for each client.
2.1 Service plans are maintained in accordance with the Agency's protocol and procedures for frequency and timeliness for completion of this document
2.2 Service plans are appropriately signed and properly credentialed.
2.3 Written service plans are developed with participation from the client, family and other professionals, and significant others as possible and reasonable
2.4 Service Plans are reflective of the clientís Long Term View.

3.0 Conducts case management activities for assigned clients to include assessment of strengths and needs, service planning, service brokering, service and care monitoring, and client advocacy.
3.1 Case management activities are performed in accordance with Agency standards.
3.2 Case management activities are reflective of the services specified as being needed in the written service plan.
3.3 Case management activities are performed in accordance with Agency standards, Medicaid standards and C&F contract provisions for the delivery of case management services.
3.4 Case coordination is reflective of the services specified in the written service plan.

4.0 Assumes primary responsibility for coordinating assigned clientís care both within and outside the NHTC continuum of care.
4.1 Assures that clients who are receiving multiple services are carried out in an organized, coordinated and effective manner,
4.2 Communicate essential information regarding client care all members of the clientís treatment team, both within and outside the NHTC continuum of care.
4.3 Coordinates, referrals, admissions, discharges, and transfers between service modalities both within and outside the NHTC continuum of care.
4.4 Monitors client progress towards treatment goals in all service modalities in which the client is enrolled. Actively intervenes to assure that treatment service plans remain on track and that clientís utilization of service modalities remain appropriate.
4.5 Assures that clients receive all necessary services whether provided within or outside the NHTC continuum of care.

5.0 Manages assigned client cases in a fiscally responsible manner.
5.1 Monitors client's financial status, finding sources, etc. and assures that limited or capacitated resources are not over-utilized
5.2 Assures, when clinically possible that clients are enrolled in services that will maximize the resources available to them.
5.3 Continuously monitors client's status and eligibility for all forms of public and private assistance. Actively pursues enrollment of clients in programs which will provide financial assistance/payment for necessary services.
5.4 Actively seeks out alternative services/or clients who do not have financial resources/assistance to pay for services rendered by NHTC.
5.5 Delivers direct and indirect services in such a way as to maximize revenue generated by NHTC within the bounds of ethnical principles and good business practice.

6.0 Prepares written documentation for each service conducted.
6.1 Written documentation for each service conducted is performed in accordance with the Agency's standards for service documentation in the client's medical record.
6.2 Correctly completed SALs are submitted to the Patient Accounts Representative on a timely basis.
6.3 Medical records accurately reflect the nature of service activities provided, timeliness of services and outcome.

7.0 Provides transportation as needed, while pursuing alternative transportation.
7.1 Verbalizes, understands and adheres to Agency transportation policy and procedures.
7.2 Maintains current driverís license, with less than 3 points on record
7.3 Automobile insurance is maintained at 100% of the time.
7.4 Has access to a functioning vehicle 100% of the time.
7.5 Has completed NHTC required paperwork road test to use Agency vehicle

8.0 Performs other duties as requested.
8.1 Miscellaneous duties are performed according to instruction.
Qualifications:Minimum of a bachelorís degree from an accredited university or college with a major in counseling, social work, psychology, criminal justice, nursing, rehabilitation, special education, health education, or a related human services field and one year full time or equivalent experience working with adults experiencing serious mental illness. Valid and current Florida Driver's License required with no more than 6 points in the past 3 years.

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